Vice-president World Martial arts Federation, GM Soke Raúl Gutiérrez López

His life

10 times, former World Champion of martial arts
Former American and European kickboxing champion

Dan 10th black belt
Founder of the Fu-Shin Kenpo system
Founder of IPSA International Police and Security Association
writer author of more than 5 martial arts books

Stuntman and set designer for action films in Europe and Spain.
Representative and head of professional Muay Thai in Spain
To date, she has held 400 seminars in martial arts and training police systems in Europe and America.

Soke Raúl Gutiérrez López
12 times the title of the best Grandmaster was chosen in the Hall of Fame of Martial Arts in the United States of America and England
He is known as the Kenpo Karate father of Europe
His name is included in the five famous full contact karate people in Europe in the world.With 50 years of activity in martial arts.

Titles and World Records
Master Raúl Gutiérrez holds the degrees of 10th Dan in Fu-Shih Kenpo, 9th Dan in Kosho Ryu Kenpo, 6th Dan in Full-Contact and 6th Dan in Koshiki Karate-Do. He is president of several Spanish and international martial arts associations and federations and has the following achievements to his credit:
1983 Gold Medal in the World Championships of the “United States Karate Association”; Karate Open USKA category. Miami-Florida, USA.
1987 USKA World Champion, and World Team Champions in Koshiki Karate-Do, Irvine, California, USA.
1988 USKA Kobudo World Champion, Black Belt category, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
1989 World Champion USKA Katas Masters category, Phoenix-Arizona, USA.
1990 World Champion USKA Katas Black Belt category, San Antonio, Texas.
1990 World Champion USKA Self-Defense Black Belts, San Antonio, Texas.
1990 USKA World Champion Kata Creative Black Belts, San Antonio, Texas.
1990 USKA World Champion, Grand Champion Trophy, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
1990 Kick-Boxing World Champion, Welterweight category, WKA “World Karate, Koshiki, and Kick-Boxing Association. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1992 United States Champion, Kata Black Belt category, UFAF. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Presided over by Chuck Norris).
1992 United States Champion in the Kobudo (Oriental Weapons) division. Tournament organized by the United Fighting Arts Federation, UFAF.
1992 United States Sub-Champion in the Champion of Champions division. Tournament organized by the United Fighting Arts Federation, UFAF. Whose President-Founder is the famous movie actor Chuck Norris.