World Martial arts Federation

Grand Master Danny Lane

The World Martial Arts Federation under the chairmanship of Master Lane, has provided martial artists with the best and latest professional methods and the latest methods in the World Martial Arts Federation during its fifty-five years of activity in martial arts, military and law enforcement.

Master Lane is a 9th degree black belt, holds a master's degree in the Chuck Norris United Martial Arts Federation 8 Dan Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu from USJJF, 8 Dan Black Belt Teakwondo and Tang Soo Do, 3 Dan Black Belt Aikido and Moo Duk Ken, 2 Dan Black Belt Judo, Level�7�Krav�Maga

Master Lane has been personally trained by martial arts legend and movie star Chuck Norris for many years and has been in the Chuck Norris system for 45 years.
His peers have inducted Master Lane 15 times into the World, International, National, Action, Florida Gold Coast and USA Martial Arts Halls of Fame.

As a competitor, he won hundreds of tournament titles, including the PKA World Middleweight Kickboxing Championship in January 1975. He won nine (9) National Karate and Taekwondo Championships, the 1994 National Jiu-Jitsu Championship, and (NAKC). ) North American Karate Conference Championship. He retired undefeated as a world-ranked professional kickboxer.

Master Lane has traveled the world, competing and exhibiting his martial arts skills in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Europe, Russia, England, Mexico, South America, Cuba, Canary Islands and Africa. Improves your fighting skills. .

Master Lane is a former US Marine and small arms specialist. He received many awards during combat, receiving two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star during the Vietnam War.
He is also a retired police officer, having served in numerous capacities: patrol officer, S.W.A.T. Team member, major crime detective (murder, robbery, rape, grand larceny, forgery, etc.), tactical unit leader, and training academy instructor.
He is an international police defensive tactics instructor and expert in police and military defensive tactics. He is the president of the American Police Tactical Instructors.
It's easy to see why Danny Lane has become one of the most sought-after instructors in the world today.
Danny Lane is the Vice President of the World Bushido Federation in the United States. This federation is a global organization of famous masters and styles.