Executive Vice-President World Martial Arts Federation, Soheilstar

His life

He was born in the north of Iran
Resident of Thailand - China

Soheil Star started martial arts in 2000, after ten years of initial experience in martial arts and getting a black belt, he migrated to Asia. And started Muaythai-Muayboran martial arts with Thai masters in 2010 in Thailand - Bangkok.
In addition to sports, he also studied sports science at the university.
From 2011 to 2017, he participated in professional Muay Thai competitions in Thailand and China and has twenty fights in professional Muay Thai.
16 wins, 6 defeats, 4 wins by knockout
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He started coaching in East Asia - China, Hong Kong, Macau since 2018.
He has held many seminars in China, Macao, Hong Kong, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) till date.
And he has coached professional players and champions and national teams from Asian countries.
In addition to martial arts and university studies, he participated in various police and military courses, and in 2019 he officially became a member of the International Police and Security Association IPSA and received the presidency of the Asian continent from Grand Master Raúl Gutiérrez López.
In 2020, he became a member of the International Police Alliance IPA by training and coaching police systems in Asia and the Middle East and received the police badge and IPA police identification card from General Petkov.
Sohail Starr is currently the International Relations Coordinator of WPMTA Thailand.
WPMTA Middle East Professional Muay Thai President.
He organized two major events in 2021 and 2022 in Dubai and Turkey in the Middle East.
And until today, in the continent of Asia and the Middle East, to holding professional Muay Thai competitions.
training police systems, Professional martial arts seminars continue to operate.
In early 2023, he entered the World General Assembly of Bushido Martial Arts. And he was appointed as the president of the Bushido Federation in the Asian continent, In October 2023, from Grandmaster Danny Lane
Received official PTIOA Police Tactical System Instructor of America Certification
And with the global cooperation between the World Bushido Federation and the World Martial Arts Federation. WMAF, the joint collaboration of Grandmaster Danny Lane with Soheilstar began.
And Grandmaster Danny Lane appointed him as the Executive Vice President of the World Martial Arts Federation and the President of the WMAF Federation in Asia.
and he performs extensive activities among the great masters and famous superstars of the world.