Police PTIOA

Police Tactics Instructors of America (PTIOA)

Now, YOU can be a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor!

The Police Tactics Instructors of America teaches a unique compilation of street-proven martial arts, military, and law enforcement tactics for today,s law enforcement officers.
President Danny Lane has combined the best of the best techniques he has learned and used during his (55) fifty-five years in the Military, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts, and Personal Protection fields. Danny is a highly decorated Marine serving in Vietnam, a retired decorated police officer, and a martial arts master under Chuck Norris.

He has been a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor for fifty-five years. He has taught hundreds of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers in the United States and worldwide.
Danny taught the United States Secret Service Presidential Guards at the White House Handgun disarming and retention at the Secret Service Headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. He was a featured instructor at the New York SWAT Expo, training numerous local, state, and federal officers in handgun disarming and retention tactics.

The Police Tactics Instructors of America teach physical techniques and mental, emotional, and psychological approaches to reacting in any situation. The PTIOA is broken down into five levels of training and certification.
Candidates with prior experience will be given time in grade toward achieving the Instructor Certification. Each member receives eight digital training videos and a FREE DIGITAL 100-page training manual to study. We teach Real techniques for Real People in Real, real-life situations! Techniques that are FAST to learn, EASY to comprehend & EFFECTIVE in combat.

President ; Danny Lane
Executive President; Jason Hanson (CIA Officer)
Police Tactics Instructors in Asia ; Soheilstar Omidi