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His life

“Real American Hero” Danny Lane is a former U.S. Marine Infantryman and an Expert in small arms weapons. He was highly decorated during combat in Vietnam. He was awarded two Purple Hearts, the Marine Combat Medal, Vietnamese Campaign & Service Medals and other commendations for Valor.
He is also a retired police officer where he served in numerous capacities: patrol officer, S.W.A.T. team member, major crimes detective (homicide, burglary, rape, grand theft, forgeries, etc.), tactical unit leader, and training academy instructor. He was awarded the department’s highest award for bravery for saving two men trapped in a burning inferno automobile.
He is a certified International Police Defensive Tactics Instructor and is an expert in Police and Military Defensive Tactics. He also did high profile body guarding assignments with corporate executives and entertainment stars.

He has been one of the most sought after Seminar Instructors in the World the past 45 years because of his unique integration of Martial Arts, Police and Military Styles.
Danny, a 9th Degree Black Belt Master, founded the World Martial Arts Centers in 1970 and is President of the World Martial Arts Federation.
Master Lane’s Center spans more than four decades, training more than 40,000 students and turning out more than 1000 Black Belts the world over.
He teaches a unique compilation of Martial Arts combining the “best of the best” techniques he has learned from some of the worlds’ top Masters and World Champions during his forty five years in the Martial Arts.

Master Lane is trained by Martial Arts Legend & Film Star Chuck Norris for more than 42 years. Master Lane is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Chuck Norris’s United Fighting Arts Federation and one of his senior Black Belts. He also holds Master Ranks in Jujitsu (I.F.O.J.J.), Judo (U.S.J.A), Jujitsu (U.S.J.A), Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan) and 2nd Degree in Aikido. He’s been inducted into the World, International, National, U.S.A., and Action Martial Arts Magazine Halls of Fame 12 times.
As a competitor, he has won hundreds of tournament awards. He won 9 (nine) Chuck Norris International Titles, the 1975-1977 U.S Open Tae Kwon Championships, the NAKA North American Karate Association Championship, and the 1994 Masters Sport Jujitsu National Championship. He also retired undefeated as a world rated professional kick boxer in 1980.

Master Lane has traveled the world over competing, demonstrating and polishing his martial arts skills in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Europe, Russia, England, Mexico, South America, Cuba, Canary Islands, Puerto Rico and Africa.
He is a published author of the Amazon #1 book, “Some Gave it All.” He co-authored “Spy Combat Tactics” with CIA Officer Jason Hanson. Visit his websites below for more information ,Danny Lane http://dannylane.com and http://somegaveitall.com Telephone: 304-638-8235 Email:DannyLaneBusiness@Gmail.Com f Steel, Eye for an Eye and Spy Combat Tactics.