Technical Committee

General Secretary of World Martial arts Federation, Manop Srirupi (Lerdsila)

His life

Lerdsila Muaythai Iyarin (born October 22, 1981) is a Thai Muay Thai kickboxer. Lerdsila is a multiple-time Muay Thai world champion (WMC, WBC, WLF, WPMF, WCK) and three-time Rajadamnern Stadium champion across three weight classes. He is also a world kickboxing champion.

He first began training in Muay Thai at the age of 7 under his father’s tutelage and had his first bout that same year. Lerdsila then moved to Bangkok when he was 12 years old to pursue a career in professional Muay Thai, training at Jocky Gym which created many legendary fighters such as Saenchai, Somrak Khamsing, Silapathai, and Rolek Kaennorasing. Lerdsila has competed countless times at the famed Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums, even claiming the prestigious Rajadamnern Muay Thai World Title in three different weight classes. In 2015, Lerdsila moved to train at Phuket Top Team.

Outside of fighting, Lerdsila enjoys association football, music, and singing

Lerdsila developed his style through a long period of training in Jocky Gym, where fighters were trained to be fast, elusive and technical oriented. Lerdsila explained that he likes to mix Muay Thai with techniques he saw in other martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate and Boxing. Lerdsila doesn't take fights too seriously: he doesn't care about winning or losing, but to have fun during fights by taunting, keep his opponents guessing, making them angry to break their concentration during fights. People call Lerdsila "The Eel on a skateboard" because of how evasive he is; Lerdsila is extremely good at incorporating the Teep and head movements into his defense, especially countering flashy, explosive kicks of his opponents.

“No matter who was kicking, I would always see it coming and just lean back,” - Lerdsila

But, no matter the opponent or where ever he fought, Lerdsila says he went out to fight and enjoy it. After 200 fights, he said the most important thing in the sport is to enjoy what you're doing. Most importantly, Lerdsila says respecting your opponents is the most important thing when Thai boxing, which led to his style of fighting being fun and playful