Technical Committee

President Global Technical Committee World Martialarts Federation, GM. Jorge Pereira

His life

Jorge Pereira is a Brazilian jiu jitsu coral belt (7th degree) who earned his black belt training under Rickson Gracie (1986). Pereira is known as one of the defenders of the Brazilian grappling style in vale tudo (no holds barred) matches throughout the 1980/90s and 2000s as well as for having built one of the strongest jiu jitsu teams of that era, developing athletes such as Leo Dalla, Otavio “Tatá” Duarte, Paulo Guillobel, Wander Braga or Luiz “Guigo” to name a few. In 2007 Pereira was the face of a controversial fighting promotion named Rio Heroes, an organization that brought back the old values of NHB to the fight business, screened from some of the most well known slums in Brazil...

World No Gi Champion (2008 senior 2)
Pan American Champion (2002/2003/2004 senior 1)
World No-Gi Championship Runner-up (2008 senior 2)
Pan American Championship Runner-up (2002 senior 1)

with the fights being held in some of Brazil’s scariest favelas (slums). Jorge Pereira was the frontman of Rio Heroes who reached out to fighters, was the organization’s speaker and also its referee (excluding the first show which was refereed by Roberto Barão).
Although gambling is forbidden in Brazil, Rio Heroes was financed by gambling companies outside Brazil, and all the transactions involving the promotion were dealt by these companies internationally. This didn’t stop the organization from being criticized overwhelmingly by the media and the Brazilian jiu jitsu federation (CBJJ/IBJJF), particularly for the rawness of the spectacle.
In the beginning of 2008, after a news report released by journalist Marlene Bergamo on the 31st of January in the “Folha de São Paulo” newspaper, the police shut down the event on suspicion that some gambling exchanges were being held in Brazilian territory. Although none of the allegations were proven by the police, the event never returned, stopping on its 14th edition.
On the 9th of December, 2013 Jorge Pereira was handed his coral belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu by the American BJJ Federation (USBJJF), an organization led by Joe Moreira. Although the IBJJF (jiu jitsu’s most established governing body) will only recognize the rank after 31 years as a black belt (2017), the USBJJF bases its rank on services paid to the martial art, and given Pereira’s list of accomplishments, the rank was generally accepted by the grappling community.

Famous Black Belts Under Jorge Pereira:
Leo Dalla
Otávio Duarte
Pedro Cabral
Paulo Guillobel
Wander Braga