Vice-president World Martial arts Federation in Asia, Simon Kook

His life

Master “Simon Kook” Sarut khanwilai was born on March 4, 1981 in Thailand. Simon has Trained and Competed in Martial Arts for over 25 years wining medals and Awards. He has worked as a stuntman and was part of the world renowned Panna Stunt Team for 15 years.

Simon worked on the Amazing Tony jaa Martial Arts Films Ong-Bak 2-The Beginning and Ong-Bak 3-Muay Thai Warrior. He picked up the nickname ” the New Tony Jaa” and soon he was working in more and more Films.

His Way

In 2015 Simon Kook got the part that would make him World Famous, A staring fight in a block buster with Martial Arts Super Star Donnie Yen. The Film “IP Man 3” would Gross: $156,844,753.00 World Wide.
Sports other,Action,Wusu,Takewondo, Akido

Vampire reborn
Ip Man 3
Foggy Mountain
Boxing In Love
The Outlaw
Wuassassin 2

Shot Film..
Siam Fighter Panasonic3D/Sony Camera
Series /Drama..
Sil5/The last Legend/The Final Of Six Elements/Series of China
Ong bak on tour
Tomyumgoong on tour
Event Martial Art on tour Etc.