General Secretary of World Martial arts Federation in Asia, Master Weerasaklek Wongperasert

His life

He was born on June 9, 1967 in Thailand - Yasuton province.
Muay Thai started when he was 6 years old In Thailand, he fought 7 fights at Rajadamner Stadium and Lumpini Stadium.
After studying at the National University of Thailand, he migrated to Japan.

He started making money as a Muay Thai and Boxing instructor in Japan This was an opportunity to return to the ring of professional competitions. He fought a total of 10 fights in Japan and retired undefeated With the money he earned, he opened the first Muay Thai club in Tokyo.
Later, with the support of Fairfax, this famous sports company opened a stadium in Japan.
To date, he has made many champions at the world and Asian levels in world-famous organizations such as K-1.

He is the founder of M-ONE organization And he is the president of the Professional Muay Thai Federation in Japan.
And he back to Thailand by opening a professional sports club to cultivate Thai champions at the world level and win great honors for the country.