President World Martial Arts Federation in Europe, Martin Luna

His life

Mart�n Luna was born on November 27, 1975 in Carcara�a, a small town in the province of Santa Fe Argentina. His curiosity about martial arts began At a very young age, at only 7 years old, he began his practice in the judo discipline.
He then continued with traditional karate until he was 15 years old and since then he continued practicing different martial arts and fighting systems. The martial art that he framed His path was kosho Ryu kenpo and fu shi kenpo, acquiring black belt 7 Dan, also 2 dan of Kick Boxing and Full Contact.

In his martial career he practiced different martial arts, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kyokushinkai Karate, MMA and Boxing.
Although its great His discovery is KRAV MAGA KAPAP as a fighting system.
Training in Israel is the birthplace of this effective and updated defense system. Also acquiring serious and constant training in different parts of the world.

Mart�n Luna is a renowned international KRAV MAGA KAPAP Master.
He which has its own line of training, innovating with highly technical techniques effective. Training instructors from different countries, federations, military forces state security, police, private security and especially education military, such as infantry and air force.

The international TML KRAV MAGA KAPAP system is modern and innovative, it has a single constant line of work, which is characterized by �Evaluation and Evolution "of fighting and survival systems, their techniques evolve day by day day in a continuous development process. He has delegations in different parts of the world. The delegation in Spain is the central European headquarters.

Currently Martin Luna is required to give seminars and conferences international, where he spreads his line of work and expands his association constantly international.